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Nurturing the little minds

First school of the kids is the stepping stone of learning in their lives. So, it is of utmost importance to ensure that these years are the best for your kids. It is a nascent age between 1 to 5 years and kids are quick at learning and adapting. If they are provided the right kind of nourishment and stimuli, they will grow beyond boundaries.

At Little Einstein Kido School, our motto is to provide the playful and funful learning so that the kids get the best environment for holistic development. The entire curriculum and activities are designed keeping in mind the best interests of the kids. We firmly believe that kids tend to learn the most in a playful and funful atmosphere. And thus, our child-centric approach comes handy along with the meticulously crafted curriculum and skilful guides at the play school.

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Developing intelligence

Quotient among little kids

There are different kinds of intelligence in every kid. And, hence, we strive to trigger those intelligence points through various activities such as music, numbers, language and others. Given below is the description of multiple forms of intelligence that we focus on:

Musical (Music Smart)-

At Little Einstein Kido, we engage the kids in various musical activities through which they develop the sensitivity towards beat, melody and tone of the sounds they hear.

Interpersonal (People Smart)-

We characterize interpersonal intelligence by group activities. Playing with other children and participating in group activities help the kids develop understanding of others' moods, feelings, and motivations, and ability to share as part of a group.

Intrapersonal (Self Smart)-

Through intrapersonal intelligence, we make the kids understand their own needs, what they want, how to react, what to do and more.

Kinesthetic (Body Smart)-

Kinesthetic Intelligence makes the kids bodily active. We have plethora of activities through which kids learn to use their parts of body to convey their message or do something.

Linguistic (Word Smart)-

This kind of intelligence is integral part of a kid's growth. Reciting poems, telling stories and singing songs are few of the activities to name through which kids learn to use language and communicate. It helps kids to express themselves.

Naturalistic (Nature Smart)-

This intelligence develops the ability to identify and understand the living things such as animals and plants. At Little Einstein Kid, we involve the students in different activities such as playing with toys and materials.

Logic (Logic Smart)-

Through logical intelligence, kids tend to understand and use numbers, logic and reasoning to comprehend something. We develop this intelligence through number games, mathematical puzzles, etc.

Number (Number Smart)-

At Little Einstein Kido, number intelligence is imbibed amongst kids through an array of activities such as playing with blocks, counting the number, identifying the sequence etc.

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Our Services

Day Care

At Little Einstein Kido School, the kids of age group 6 months to 10 years are involved in a playful schedule. In the morning, the kids are offered school curriculum, on the other hand, afternoon is set for art & crafts, dance, music, karate and more.

Play Group

For Play Group kids, we offer the activities that keep them interesting and engaging at the same time. Schooling is done in a playful manner understanding the needs and moods of the kids. It is assured that they are nurtured in a conducive environment.


Nursery curriculum for the toddlers is crafted based on different themes. Teachers inside and outside the classroom perform activities that help them understand their own interests and discover their tastes.


At Little Einstein Kido School, the children in LKG are encouraged to foster peer relationships, play collaboratively, to contribute, explore and interact with other children. Besides, children are offered school learning.


The Upper Kindergarten program is focused on overall development of the children by offering a range of activities. The school curriculum is designed in the form of activities to boost the self-confidence and self esteem in the children and preparing them for future.