At Little Einstein Kido School, our curriculum is based on various activities that kids find the most interesting. Have a look at our curriculum below:

key aspects of Curriculum

Language, Literacy and Communication

  • Engaging the kids in personal and meaningful experiences
  • Reading and listening to stories and poems
  • Describing people, objects and activities

Social and Emotional Development

  • Expression of feelings
  • Fostering relationships with fellow kids and staff members
  • Playing in groups

Creative Development

  • Colouring and painting
  • Making collage, crumpling and pasting
  • Printing using different materials
  • Clay modelling and stamping

Physical Development, Health, and Well-Being

  • Moving with the objects
  • Understanding and describing movements
  • Recognizing the steady beat and moving
  • Taking care of materials
  • Cleaning up routine

Knowledge & Understanding

  • Locking & unlocking and using nuts & bolts
  • Pasting using glue
  • Grasping and using tongs
  • Opening and closing lid of the boxes
  • Solving puzzles and paper tearing

Mathematical Skills

  • Playing number games and memory games
  • Reciting number poems, stories and songs
  • Matching and colouring the right number
  • Counting objects in the neighbourhood

Features of Curriculum

  • Developing lifetime love for learning and knowledge
  • Encouraging little minds to become global citizens dedicated to moral values, respect, responsibility, and justice
  • Upgrading the current educational curriculum as per the latest needs of students, local customs, and other requirements
  • Cultivating critical and creative intelligence
  • Emphasizing new learning styles providing freedom to create and explore at their own when they encounter new challenges